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NSW Syllabuses


Year 11 Module

Students explore the ways in which aspects and concerns of texts from the past have been carried forward, borrowed from and/or appropriated into more recent culture. The module develops students’ understanding of how and why cultural values are maintained and changed. 

Students examine a key text from the past and its manifestations in other contexts and media. Through close study they:

  • consider the relationships between the text and its culture
  • explore the language of the text and examine the ways in which language shapes and reflects values
  • consider the effects of different ways of responding to the text
  • consider the ways and reasons the original and later manifestations of the text or aspects of the text are valued. 

Students also explore, analyse and critically evaluate different examples of such texts in a range of contexts and media, including texts of their choosing. 

Students develop a range of imaginative, interpretive and analytical compositions, including some which explore the relationships between key texts from the past and texts in more recent culture. These compositions may be realised in various forms and media. Students investigate topics and ideas, engage in independent learning activities, and develop skills in sustained composition.

This project provides opportunities for students to develop skills in independent investigation and critical and creative thinking. Students apply their knowledge about texts studied in this module to their own selected texts. They develop an understanding of research methodologies suitable to support a range of interpretive, analytical and imaginative projects. 

Students select a key text and examine and evaluate manifestations of their selected text in other contexts and media, while considering how and whether the values embedded in one text parallel, challenge or offer alternatives to the other. 

Students realise insights into their research and personal evaluation of the texts in an imaginative and analytical multimodal presentation. This project may be undertaken concurrently with study of the module Texts, Culture and Value.


Year 12 EXTENSION 1 Module

In this module students explore, investigate, experiment with and evaluate the ways texts represent and illuminate the complexity of individual and collective lives in literary worlds. Students evaluate how ideas and ways of thinking are shaped by personal, social, historical and cultural contexts. They extend their understanding of the ways that texts contribute to their awareness of the diversity of ideas, attitudes and perspectives evident in texts. 

Students explore, analyse and critically evaluate textual representations of the experiences of others, including notions of identity, voice and points of view; and how values are presented and reflected in texts. They deepen their understanding of how texts construct private, public and imaginary worlds that can explore new horizons and offer new insights. 

Students consider how personal, social, historical and cultural context influence how texts are valued and how context influences their responses to these diverse literary worlds. They appraise their own values, assumptions and dispositions as they develop further understanding of how texts make meaning. 

In their study of literary worlds students experiment with critical and creative compositions that explore how language features and forms are crafted to express complex ideas and emotions, motivations, attitudes, experiences and values. These compositions may be realised in various forms, modes and media. 

Each elective in this module involves the study of three texts from the prescribed list, with at least two being print texts. Students explore, analyse and critically evaluate a range of other texts that construct private, public and imaginary worlds.