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NSW Syllabuses


Kindergarten to Year 10 syllabuses can be downloaded as an entire syllabus or by Stage.
Kindergarten to Year 12 syllabuses can be downloaded as PDF or Word documents.

Kindergarten to Year 10

Year 11 and Year 12


English Standard

DOCX (1.2MB, 105 pages)

PDF (1.4MB, 105 pages)

English Advanced

DOCX (1.2MB, 86 pages)

PDF (1.3MB, 86 pages)

English Extension

DOCX (1.6MB, 85 pages)

PDF (1.7MB, 85 pages)

English EAL/D

DOCX (1.2MB, 104 pages)

PDF (1.4MB, 104 pages)

English Studies

DOCX (1.2MB, 101 pages)

PDF (1.4MB, 101 pages)

English Life Skills

DOCX (1.2MB, 81 pages)

PDF (1.3MB, 81 pages)


Mathematics Standard

DOCX (1.6MB, 96 pages)

PDF (2MB, 96 pages)

Mathematics Advanced

DOCX (1.9MB, 84 pages)

PDF (2.1MB, 84 pages)

Mathematics Extension 1

DOCX (1.8MB, 64 pages)

PDF (2.1MB, 64 pages)

Mathematics Extension 2

DOCX (1.8MB, 49 pages)

PDF (1.8MB, 49 pages)

Mathematics Life Skills

DOCX (1.5MB, 79 pages)

PDF (1.6MB, 79 pages)



DOCX (1.3MB, 61 pages)

PDF (1.5MB, 61 pages)


DOCX (1.3MB, 59 pages)

PDF (1.7MB, 59 pages)

Earth and Environmental Science

DOCX (1.3MB, 60 pages)

PDF (1.5MB, 60 pages)

Investigating Science

DOCX (1.3MB, 61 pages)

PDF (1.5MB, 61 pages)


DOCX (1.3MB, 67 pages)

PDF (1.7MB, 67 pages)

Science Life Skills

DOCX (1.4MB, 86 pages)

PDF (1.7MB, 86 pages)

Human Society and its Environment

Ancient History

DOCX (1.3MB, 97 pages)

PDF (1.5MB, 97 pages)

Modern History

DOCX (1.2MB, 91 pages)

PDF (1.4MB, 91 pages)

History Extension

DOCX (1MB, 44 pages)

PDF (1MB, 44 pages)

Ancient History Life Skills

DOCX (928KB, 55 pages)

PDF (1.1MB, 55 pages)

Modern History Life Skills

DOCX (914KB, 52 pages)

PDF (1MB, 52 pages)