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NSW Syllabuses

The place of the Chemistry Stage 6 Syllabus in the K–12 curriculum

This diagram places Chemistry Stage 6 in the K–12 curriculum as a whole and shows the flow of learning from prior to starting school, to post school pathways. The diagram begins with prior to school learning, explaining how students bring a range of knowledge, understanding and skills they develop at home to the school setting in Early Stage 1. Step 2 shows the Early Stage 1 – Stage 3 mandatory Science and Technology K–6 course. Step 3 shows the Stage 4 – Stage 5 mandatory Science Years 7–10 course. Step 4 shows the list of Stage 6 elective Science courses, including Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, Investigating Science and Science Life Skills. The final step shows community, other education and learning and workplace pathways.